SQ3000 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system maximizes ROI and line utilization with 3D multi-view sensors that enable fastest 3D inspection in the industry. SQ3000 incorporates Multi-Reflection Suppression technology (MRS) and highly sophisticated 3D algorithms offering microscopic image quality at production speeds.

MRS technology suppresses any reflections that can distort the data, especially on shiny components, enabling precise 3D representation while the architecturally superior sensor design captures and transmits data simultaneously and in parallel. The result is unmatched speed and accuracy.

  • Fastest 3D inspection in the industry with architecturally faster 3D sensor
  • Microscopic image quality at production speed enabled by Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology
  • Inhibits reflection issues with MRS technology
  • Generates high precision images of entire PCB in full color with 3D image fusing algorithms
  • Simpler and faster inspection with AI² technology using 2D/3D images
  • Delivers precision accuracy, GR&R and lowest false call rates
  • Accurate pin height/package coplanarity measurement
  • Easy-to-use with simple intuitive interface and touch Control


Broschyr - SQ3000


Board Size510 x 510 mm
ResolutionSub 10µm
Inspection Speed40cm²/sec
Component Height Clearance50mm

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