SEHO PowerReflow-2 was developed for medium to large production series.  The system excels by its highly efficient energy transfer and its modern design.  With comparatively low investment costs and low operating expenses, PowerReflow-2 offers ideal value for money, thus ensuring high profitability in your surface mount production.

PowerReflow-2 features nine heating zones over a total length of 2735 mm [107.67"] and a controlled active cooling area of 900 mm [35.43"] to guarantee exceptionally flexible temperature management.  The system can be operated for soldering in a normal or nitrogen atmosphere.

As an up-to-date soldering system PowerReflow-2, of course, is equipped with a process gas cleaning system that ensures long maintenance intervals thus reducing your manufacturing costs tremendously.  The comfortable software is easy to use and provided with a comprehensive management data tool for documentation of process and machine data.

  • perfect soldering results for mid-size production volumes
  • powerful heat transfer due to optimized process gas leading principle
  • high flexibility in temperature profiling and high thermal stability
  • low set temperatures ensure component-sensitive processes
  • filterless process gas cleaning system guarantees low maintenance requirements
  • proven conveyor system ensures safe and reliable process
  • low operation costs
  • simple to operate
  • to be used in ambient as well as in nitrogen atmosphere

  • Brochure PowerReflow-2.pdf 572 KB

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