ESD-Center follows the guidelines from Public Health Agency of Sweden and implement following adjustments in our operation to minimize the risk for our employees and at the same time make sure that we can run the operation and deliveries to our customers.

  • From Monday most of us is working from home. We will only have one person at the office and one person at the warehouse at the same time. This will affect the handling time for incoming and outgoing deliveries and shipment and we ask for your understand and co-operation.
  • We cancel all our travels.
  • We will not do any sales and/or support visits.
  • Not take on/welcome any visitors to our offices.
  • We are available on phone, email and will gladly book meetings via teams!

None of our employees has visited any of the most critical areas before or after the outbrake and none of us or our close relatives is infected or shows symptoms, as far as we are aware of.

ESD-Center will continue to follow the development and recommendations that is communicated from the responsible authorities. We prioritize health and safety in combination to keep our operation fully up and running as close to normal as possible.

We keep our fingers crossed that everyone’s common actions results in a decrease of the spread and the effects of the virus and disease.

  • Follow the recommendation from WHO, Public Health Agency of Sweden and other local authorities.
  • Keep Calm
  • Use common sense

 If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our MD Stefan Sjökvist.