VP 6000 vacuum

VP 6000 vacuum

Vapor-Phase Vacuum Soldering System

Machine Design

ASSCON's vacuum soldering process combines the average of the vapor-phase with the vaccum process. The vaccum module consists of the evacuation unit mounted in the process chamber where it is secured with quick-locks for fast and easy removal for maintenance. Pump, valves and sensors are integrated in the base.

Typical Applications

  • Soldering of cased power components on printed circuit boards
  • Area reflowing of components on heat-sink plates
  • Soldering of power chips on base substrate with paste or solder foils
  • Hermetic soldering of high frequency penetrations
  • Making solder connections of large area electrical and mechanical components
  • Elimination of voids with through-holes or other leaded connections for components to improve heat sinking
  • Reflowing of large area SMTs or connectors on multilayers
  • Repair of SMTs or conventional connectors in high-multilayers
  • Simultaneous soldering of active and power components
  • Soldering of 3D assemblies

Product sheet VP 6000 Vac

Technical datasheet VP 6000 Vac

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