VP 1000 xl

VP 1000 lx

Vapor-Phase Soldering Machines of the Newest Generation

Machine Design


  • Economical soldering system for highest technological requirements
  • Oxidation-free pre-heat and soldering process
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution on the whole assembly
  • Overheating of the solder product is impossible
  • No shadowing or color selectivity
  • Reproducible process conditions
  • No time-consuming for generation of temperature profiles
  • Low operating costs
  • Universally useable for series and individual operation


The VP 1000 is available in two versions

  • VP 1000-1080: for a maximum PCB size of 1.000x800mm
  • VP 1000-1580: for a maximum PCP size of 1.500x800mm

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