With the wave soldering system PowerWave, SEHO consequently realized a machine concept that offers a remarkable performance at simultaneously low investment costs.  Complex SMD boards are as reliably soldered as conventional assemblies - due to up-to-date solder nozzle geometries and a flexible preheat area.

The modular construction of SEHO PowerWave offers the ideal concept for all production requirements and allows the machine to be integrated into existing fully automated production lines.  The system is equipped with a high performance preheating and is available with either 1200 mm (47.2") or 1800 mm (70.8") preheat length.  Depending on your production requirements, the PowerWave may be equipped with a chain/finger conveyor system for direct processing of boards, or with a solder frame conveyor.

The heart of the machine - the soldering area - is designed with a degree of flexibility that may perform all realistic soldering operations.  Modern and innovative solder nozzle geometries provide ideal soldering results.

  • outstanding and compact machine design
  • soldering with local nitrogen inertion
  • spray fluxer with HVLP technology ensures clear spray pattern with reduced flux consumption
  • variable and powerful preheat area with quartz, IR and convection modules
  • individually configurable soldering area, ideally suited for lead-free applications
  • new and up-to-date single or dual solder nozzle technology
  • soldering width:  400 mm
  • throughput optimization with segmented conveyor
  • roll-out solder pot and integrated exhausts for minimum maintenance requirements
  • easy and quick programming
  • monitoring of all relevant machine functions


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