SEHO PowerSelective is featured with an outstanding modular machine construction which ensures highest flexibility.  The basic system can ideally be configurated to meet different specific production requirements.

Depending on your application, the PowerSelective may be equipped with an inline conveyor for integration into a fully automated production line or with a batch conveyor module for stand-alone operation and realization of lean production concepts.

A highly precise double portal axis system with servo drives ensures an exact and reliable positioning of the assemblies at the various work stations with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. The gripper unit is provided with a rotating and tilting function to obtain an ideal solder angle even if processing extremely difficult assemblies.

Thus, the PowerSelective offers all in one:  highest flexibility, maximum soldering quality and absolutely reproducible soldering results.

  • modular system which ideally fits into each production concept
  • high precision portal axis system which provides maximum flexibility
  • wide field of application: for dip soldering processes, miniwave soldering or for conventional wave soldering
  • multiple soldering units may be integrated into one machine
  • wetted or non-wetted solder nozzles can be used
  • the rotating and tilting function of the gripper allows ideal peel-off
  • automatic process control with embedded AOI system, flux quantity control and many more
  • solder waves with touchless wave height control and nitrogen inertion, for best possible soldering results and highest reliability
  • maximum machine availability with quickly exchangeable solder nozzles and maintenance 'on-the-fly'

Productsheet PowerSelective

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