The convection reflow soldering system MaxiReflow has set a milestone in soldering technology and won various technology awards.  The reflow oven is equipped with a revolutionary, thermally invisible conveyor system and a new, high-functional process gas cleaning.

Provided with the established fan technology of the FDS product family, the MaxiReflow yields excellent and repeatable soldering results at comparatively low nominal temperatures.

The conveyor system 'LowMassConveyor' guarantees absolutely parallel conveyor rails thus ensuring highest process reliability. All mechanical parts inside the process area are reduced to a minimum to reduce maintenance remarkably.  This new concept allows very slim conveyor rails and center support that are "thermally invisible".

With its innovative concept and the well thought out details the SEHO MaxiReflow is ideally suited for all existing and future soldering requirements.

  • worldwide unique: thermally invisible conveyor system
  • efficient process gas cleaning system ensures long maintenance intervals
  • powerful heat transfer because of tangential fan technology
  • low, component-sensitive set temperatures
  • flexible temperature management due to high number of heating zones
  • effective, multi-stage cooling area
  • low operating costs
  • ideally suited for lead-free processes
  • 'Rapid Chamber Cooling' allows quick change to lower temperature profiles
  • individually programmable nitrogen operation
  • MaxiReflow 3.0 available in three basic variants
    MaxiReflow 3.6 available in two basic variants

  • Brochure MaxiReflow.pdf 388 KB

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