MaxiReflow HP

MaxiReflow HP

Whether for power electronics, electronic aviation systems, medical equipment or electronic systems for the automotive industry, voids in solder joints represent one of the main problems.  To achieve virtually void-free solder joints, a special vacuum process step during soldering was demanded to date, which, however, is very complicated and excludes the use of gas convection for heating.

The same principles as used in vacuum soldering technology are applicable also for a higher pressure level.  Essential is the pressure difference between the void and the surroundings.

SEHO goes this innovative and new way with the MaxiReflow HP that ideally combines convection heat and a special hyper-pneumatic module, thus ensuring virtually void-free solder connections while using gas convection for even assembly heating.

  • up to 99 % void-free solder connections
  • high pressure module allows gas convection to be used for heat transfer
  • no solder balls
  • pressure module, integrated in the peak area, makes for minimum space requirements
  • hyper pneumatic process can be activated and deactivated programmable via software
  • minimum cycle times
  • robust and reliable conveyor system
  • high parallelism of conveyor rails ensures maximum process safety
  • powerful energy transfer
  • effective, multi-stage cooling area

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