With a heating zone length of 1850 mm (72.8") or 2350 mm (92.5") the convection reflow soldering systems GoReflow 1.8 and GoReflow 2.3 are ideally suited for small to medium-sized production series. The machines are not only featured with an outstanding attractive design, above all the systems convince with their well-engineered concept and excellent soldering results.

5 respectively 7 heating zones provide maximum flexibility in temperature profiling, particularly for lead-free soldering processes.
The GoReflow Systems are designed for soldering in ambient atmosphere, however, if needed they also may be equipped with a local nitrogen inertion in the peak area.

Of course, the systems are provided with an up-to-date control unit for easy and quick programming and they may be integrated into a fully automated production line.

  • compact machine technology
  • high number of heating zones and full convection ensure perfect results
  • efficient and homogeneous heat transfer because of optimized process gas leading principle
  • heating zone lengths: 1850 mm [72.8"] or 2350 mm [92.5"]
  • belt conveyor, pin-chain conveyor with center support or combined conveyor system
  • working width: 410 mm [15.75"]
  • flux management ensures minimum maintenance requirements
  • closed loop control for all relevant functions
  • high process reliability

  • Brochure GoReflow.pdf 910 KB

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