SunKIC Photovoltaic Thermal Profiler

KIC's thermal profiler designed specifically for the PC industry is accurate, compact and easy to use.

SunKIC Thermal Profiler designed for the Solar Industry. Compact profiler and thermal shield accommodate width and height restrictions of metallization furnace tunnels

  • Graphical navigation software provides ease of use
  • Flexible software accommodates numerous current and future needs
  • 20 readings per second for more accurate profile data
  • Manual "prediction" feature built-in
  • "Area under the curve" measurements
  • Profile overlays
  • Profile zoom
  • Strong analytical software

In addition, standard type K thermocouples may be utilized with all traditional methods such as:

  • Cemented onto the wafer's surface
  • Weighted thermocouples pushed onto the wafer's surface
  • Dummy wafer

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