SunKIC Photovoltaic Thermal Profiler

KIC’s thermal profilers are designed for individual needs and budgets, but what they all have in common is ease of use operation and robust hardware.
Choose from a variety of profilers to meet your specific needs:

K2 Profiler

This new K2 Profile Setter makes oven setup easy and quick. User friendliness and convenience now include profile viewing on Android and Apple mobile device.

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X5 Profiler

Intelligent thermal profiler with 2 year warranty. Robust and compact hardware designed for tough daily handling. Upgraded electronic circuitry designed to tolerate higher levels of voltage spikes. Battery or USB powered. Included software can automatically select the best oven setup to optimize each new PCB profile.

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The new KICstart2 is designed for those companies looking to quickly capture an accurate profile, without all the additional capabilities to optimize the process. The exceptionally low price makes the KICstart2 affordable for almost any budget.

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