Whilst bringing a fresh new look to the SMT screen printer SP210, the printer still retains its reputation as the smallest 23” stencil printer in the SMT printing market with the highest level of capability and quality.

Speedprint maintains a simple approach in developing and producing its equipment to provide the user with the most effective product for the purpose.

Developed around the same control and vision platform as the SP700 series, the SP210 is ideal in any low, medium or high throughput environment, with all the functions necessary to provide years of uninterrupted high performance. The capability of the machine is based upon a platform which utilises the highest specification and quality of componentry, including ground precision ballscrews, combined with the latest innovations in Axis & Vision alignment.

Some of the standard features in the SP210 series include :

  • automatic rail width adjust
  • fully automatic stencil load & eject
  • fully programmable wet/dry vacuum Under Stencil Cleaner
  • on-stencil solder bead inspection

För mer information kontakta oss eller gå till: www.speedprint-tech.co.uk