Vacuum Soldering Systems

"Vacuum Plus" is a system for improving quality of solder joints. Voids are reduced in a vacuum chamber which significantly improves the quality of the soldered product.

  • Voids will be reduced up to 99%, solder joints quality optimized
  • Double sided PCBs
  • Suitable for PCBs, DCB, stamping grid and carrier
  • Setting Parameter: evacuation time; vacuum hold time; ventilation time; vacuum pressure
  • Only one sealing surface of the vacuum chamber

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Vacuum S

Process area length 3876 mm

The smallest unit with the time-tested Quattro Peak® technology. Ideal for the highest demand on quality and efficiency for medium throughput.

Vacuum M

Process area length 4326 mm

Proven and tested for mid-range up to high Serial throughput and for high Performance. With patented Quattro Peak® concept. Accurate and easy adjustment to variable Tasks.

Vacuum L

Process area length 5432 mm

Strongest throughput. With patented Quattro Peak® concept for high capacities within the serial productions environment. Fulfils the highest requirements in terms of flexibility.

Vacuum L Plus

Process area length 6392 mm

With the new developed Quattro Peak®-Plus concept for very complex devices within a large batch production environment. Guarantees highest equipment utilisation, with the maximum of stability at highest throughput.