UV Conformal Coating Systems

Modular machine design for curing of UV coating. Increased transport clearing for PCBs and fully assembled control units.

  • Small footprint
  • Calibration free for > 6,000 hours
  • Process reliability; significantly lower costs
  • Start-up-time < 1 minute
  • Traceability- and Handling options
  • No maintenance
  • Intuitive Software

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UV Conformal-Coating-System
The modular, variable machine design for UV-curing of ready mounted control units or PCB with extended pass through height.

Coating Line

SmartRep and SMT combine efficiency, precision and process reliablity with the flexible Coating Line.  
In a coating line unloader systems are equipped with a chain conveyor and by request also with a suction arrangement.


High-Temperature-Temper Systems

Product-specific curing and drying of conformal coating and pottant. Perfect heat pre-treatment for electronic components and modules for hot function tests. Best reproducibility of temperature profiles.