E 200

E 200

Trimmer / Former
for Taped or Loose Radial Components


  • Micrometer type dial adjustment tor trim or form height
  • Predetermining counter is standard
  • Dual opposing articulated movement is standard
  • Vibratory bowl feed Option available
  • Many processing possibilities

Automatic processing of loosecomponents
An optional vibrating bowi automatically feeds components to the tool. Changeover of tooling is fast and easy with snap-in dies. No screws or tools are required.

Taped components processed with tape feed attachment
Quick tool changeover by rotating the processing head assembly. Attach the tape feeder without any screws or tools.

Flexible radial component forming system
The E-200 is rugged and versatile with many standard dies for processing most radial Ieaded components.
This System makes processing ot taped, loose or tubed radial components easy. The system is suitable tor medium to high volume applications. 

SPECIFICATIONS:           Bowi Feeder
MachineDimensions16“ x 16“ (400 x 400 mm)
Dimensions18“ x 26“ x 13“
450 x 650 x 330mm
Weight110 lbs. (50 kg)
Weightapprox.132 Ibs. (60 kg)Capacityup to 6,000 uph
Power220 VAC, 50 Hz (11 OVAC, 60 Hz) 200 W
Speedvariable up to 10,000 cycles/hBelt Feeder
Drivemaintenance freeCapacityup to 10,000 uph

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