VP 1000 - VP 6000 Automation

Automation Module for VP1000- and VP 6000 vacuum-Soldering Systems

The Inlinemodule integrates the VP 1000- and VP 6000 vacuum-series into carrier-free production lines. The design of the inline connection also allows the manual loading of the work piece carrier such as for special electronic devices, special dimensions, small production volumes. With this Inlinemodule the ASSCON VP 1000- and VP 6000 vacuum series become all-round soldering systems.

The optional lift module can achieve significant increase of throughput. Addi-tional cooling modules also ensure short inline cycle times for high mass electronic components.

At any time the monitoring of the complete process and the unrestricted accessibility to the soldering system is guaranteed during the work piece carrier operation as well as during inline production.


  • Maximum production flexibility – change between inline production and work piece carrier operation unrestricted possible
  • Optimal work load of vapour-phase soldering system – multi-lane automatic loading possible
  • Safe process monitoring – unrestricted control of the soldering process is guaranteed by operator side

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