Dissipative PC Sheets

Dissipative PC Sheets

Dissipative PC (Polycarbonate) sheets suitable for doors and machine covers and fixtures within an EPA. The material is deformable and can be cutted into requested size. The sheets is 2000x1000mm  

Part No. 5230.PC350.2 - Thickness 2mm

Part No. 5230.PC530.3 - Thickness 3mm

Part No. 5230.PC350.4 - Thickness 4mm

Part No. 5230.PC350.5 - Thickness 5mm

Part No. 5230.PC350.6 - Thickness 6mm

Part No. 5230.PC350.8 - Thickness 8mm

Part No. 5230.PC350.10 - Thickness 10mm