Training & Control Measurement

Our range includes various services such as ESD training, test measurements and comprehensive audits.

Digital ESD-training via Teams

ESD-Center, in collaboration with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, is now running a full-day ESD course via Teams.

You partake via Teams from the safety (due to the Covid situation) of your workplace or from your home but still obtain valuable knowledge and experience that will help you in the daily work to build up and maintain your ESD-protection. 

Course leader is Ingvar Karlson from Rise with many years experience in consulting, testing, audit and training in electrostatics and ESD. Ingvar is a vital member of the Swedish National Standards Committee TK101.

The 4th of February we will arrange this ESD-training in English, the number of participants are limited so do your reservation as soon as possible.

ESD Training 4th of February 2021 - English

Contact us for more information and booking.

Basis education

All the companies should undergo an ESD Education.

We customize training along your business and products, customer requirements, internal procedures and international standards. The program provides a basic understanding of ESD and how we protect the electronics against this phenomenon. After completion of the training, all understand the importance of the work of ESD in electronics production.

Coordinator Training

This training is a customized training for (eg ESD coordinators) who will work actively with ESD protection within the company. Although this training is customized based on the business environment and operations. Experience and needs is an essential thing to conduct a qualitative and productive education. It's important to us that we meet the customer's expectations and not have parts that do not affect the company and its operations. Those who go this should have a basic training in the past.
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Audit and Measurement

This training is an offshoot from the basic course and is aimed at ESD coordinators, agents, or those who practice will work with ESD maintenance at the company. Audit section contains both audit methodology and practice. This training is also adapted to your needs, instruments and activities.

Refresher training

Refresher training is for those who have attended basic training and need a repetitive training within ESD.

Control measurements

With our unique set of instruments we can help you with various test measurements include:

  • Installation Approve ESD floor through resistance and the walking test 
  • Control Measure and Verify function of ESD protection products such as chairs, carts, workstations, personal protection, etc. 
  • Real-time measurements during production/assembly in SMT lines.

Revision / Audit

To get a situation analysis of your ESD protection and actual ESD environment we implement ESD revisoner, they can range from a single workstation to entire companies and factories. 

Part of the audit that we conducted practical measurements in the workplace, in assembly lines and the material within the EPA. Audit scope and approach, we go through together before implementation to meet your needs and expectations. After implementation, we establish a full report with results and suggestions for corrective action. Contact us for more information.