Pallets and krates

Conductive pallets

Manufactured in conductive polypropylene. The pallets are fitted for all lifting systems and tested according to international standards. They are UV-resistant and water-repellent. Available in different models that stand different work load. All models can be equioped and supplied with crates and lids.  

Part. nr. 2714.518 Pallet, closed 1200x800x155mm. Load 7500kg/2500kg

Part. nr. 2714.519 Pallet, open 1200x800x160mm. Load 5000kg/1000kg

Part. nr. 2714.520 Pallet, open leightweight 1200x800x150mm. Load 4000kg/1000kg


Pallets made ​​entirely of metal that can handle up to 5000 kg load. As the pallets are made of metal, they have many advantages compared with wood and / or plastic; cleaner environment with less dust and dirt, better ergonomics, no chips and lighter weight, durability and naturally recyclable. The pallets are also adapted to all lifting and handling, and no adjustments are needed.

The stools are available as full and half pallets and with accessories such as pallet collar and cap.

Part No. 2714.600 - Full pallet

Part No. 2714.700 - Half pallet