Component boxes

Component Boxes

Made of black conductive polypropylene with hinges, printed ESD symbol and conductive foam insert.


Part No. 5100.860 - Component Box 55x38x14 mm

Part No. 5100.861 - Component Box 70x45x14 mm

Part No. 5100.862 - Component Box 130x32x14 mm

Part No. 5100.863 - Component Box 138x44x21 mm

Part No. 5100.864 - Component Box 77x55x14 mm

Part No. 5100.865 - Component Box 117x90x21 mm

SMD box with clear lid

Conductive SMD box with a clear conduktive lid.


Part No. 5100.920 - 16x12x15mm

Part No. 5100.921 - 37x12x15mm

Part No. 5100.922 - 41x37x15mm

Part No. 5100.923 - 68x57x15mm

SMD box with dark lid

Conductive SMD box with dark conductive lid.


Part No. 5100.910 - 16x12x15mm

Part No. 5100.911 - 37x12x15mm

Part No. 5100.912 - 41x37x15mm

Part No. 5100.913 - 68x57x15mm

Storage boxes with lids

In conductive plastic with hinges on the lid. Stackable.


Part No. V8-2-6-6-10-10 - 75x50x45 mm

Part No. V8-5-6-6-10-10 - 106x75x46 mm

Part No. V8-7-6-6-10-10 - 156x106x46mm

Component Boxes by SafeShield

SafeShield is a corrugated with shielding properties. The blue coating is in permanent dissipative material, dissipating charges even at very low air humidity. With printed ESD symbol and RESY label. Constructed with foam insert.


Part No. 5510.908      - 100x60x15mm

Part No. 5510.908.10 - 100x60x10mm

Part No. 5510.909      - 120x100x15mm

Assortment box

Robust storage case made ​​of polypropylene for ESD protected storage. Fixed tray. Lid with three hinges and two dead-bolt locks.



Part No. PSB 4-15 - Number of trays: 15

Part No. PSB 4-32 - Number of trays: 32