Grounding and other equipment

Coil cords, wriststrap and grounding

Metal Wrist Band

A metal wrist strap provides a good contact and safe dissipation of any uploads. They are completely nickel free and has an insulating outer layer. Our wrist straps are available with 3 different sizes of push buttons for coil cord connection and in different sizes.

3mm pushbutton:

Part No. 2051.750.S.3   - Small, circumference 140mm

Part No. 2051.750.M.3  - Medium, circumference 160mm

Part No. 2051.750.L.3   - Large, circumference 175mm

Part No. 2051.750.XL.3 - XL, circumference 190mm

Part No. 2051.750.5.3 - Elastic adjustable, circumference 175-190mm

6mm pushbutton:

Part No. 2051.750.S.7   - Small, circumference 140mm

Part No. 2051.750.M.7  - Medium, circumference 160mm

Part No. 2051.750.L.7   - Large, circumference 175mm

Part No. 2051.750.XL.7 - XL, circumference 190mm

Part No. 2051.750.5.7 - Elastic adjustable, circumference 175-190mm

10mm pushbutton:

Part No. 2051.750.5.10   - Elastic adjustable, circumference 175 - 190mm

Textile Wrist strap, adjustable

With silvered fibres interwoven.


Part No. 2050.750.7 - 6mm snap button
Part No. 2050.750.3 - 
3mm snap button

Disposable wrist strap, 1,2m

Made of dissipative textiles, with alligator clip.
Sold in 200pack.

Part No. 2060.750.200

Coil cord

With built-in safety resistor.
Length: 2,4 m / 1,8m
Color: Black.

Part No. 2100.752.7.10.S - Snap fastener 6 +10mm, length 2,4m

Part No. 2100.751.7.S - 6mm snap fastener + 4mm banana plug, length 1,8m

Spiral Cord

With built-in safey resistor.
Length: 2,4 m / 1,8m
Color: Blue.

Part No. 2100.752.7.10 - Snap fastener 6mm + 10mm snap fastener, lenght 2,4 m
Part No. 2100.752.3.10 - Snap fastener 3mm + 10mm snap fastener, lenght 1,8 m

Part No. 2100.751.7 - Snap fastener 6mm + 4mm banana clip, lenght 2,4 m
Part No. 2100.751.3 - Snap fastener 3mm + 4mm banana clip, lenght 2,4 m

Earth connection box

Includes 2,0 m earthing cable and ring terminal. Available with various connection combinations.

Part No. 2200.121.10     - 2 x 10mm snap fastener and 1 x 4mm banana plug socket.

Part No. 2200.121.10.1  - 3 x 10mm snap fastener.

Part No. 2200.121.10.2  - 1 x 10mm snap fastener and 2 x 4mm banana plug socket.

Grounding plug

With built-in safety resistor. 10mm snap fastener.

Length 1,5 m.

Part No. 2200.110

Earth terminal for soldering connection

Without saftey resistor, resistance to soldering connection.
Banana plug. 10 mm snap fastener.

Length 1,5 m.


Part No. 2200.111

Earth Connection Point, ringcabelshoe

Grounding plug, with ring terminal.
Built-in safety resistor.
Length: 1,5 m, SEMKO-approved.

Part No. 2200.114

Earth Connection Point

With built-in safety resistor.
M4 ring terminal + 10mm banana snap button, with sockets for 2 x banana plugs.
Length 4,5 m.

Part No. 2200.122.10

Connection Cable 10+10mm

With built-in protection resistance 1MOhm. 10 mm pushbutton in both ends.

Part No. 2250.762

ESD Lotion

A dissipative hand lotion that does not contaminate. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E - provides this non soured hand lotion softer, healthier hands and nails. Helps to keep the skin moist for better contact between the wrist strap and skin. Contains no glycerins, mineral oils, silicones or lanolin. Absorbs instantly and does not smear.


Part No. ICL-8-ESD          - 240 ml

Part No. ICL-32                - 960 ml

Part No. ICL-32-CR-ESD - 960 ml, Cleanroom

Part No. ICL-GAL             - 3,8 l, Without pump