Safeshield boxes, foam

Safeshield boxes

Safeshield corrugated cardboard boxes

Patented materials give the box an excellent shielding effect owning to the especial shielding layer in the corrugated cardboard. The blue inner- and outer layers are made of permanent static dissipative materials which dissipates charges even at a very low relative humidity level. 


  • High shielding performance
  • Inner- and outer permanent static dissipative layers
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Non-corrosive
  • ESD and RESY labeled
  • Suitable with foam 4900.113-3
  • Color: Blue

The boxes are usually used in conjunction with a dissipative foam on the inside. Contact us for more information.

Part No. 5510.1131-3   - Safeshield 335x144x36mm
Part No. 5510.5003   - Safeshield 150x125x50mm
Part No. 5510.5008   - Safeshield 205x130x65mm
Part No. 5510.5011   - Safeshield 250x150x50mm
Part No. 5510.5012   - Safeshield 250x200x50mm
Part No. 5510.5014   - Safeshield 260x250x30mm
Part No. 5510.5017   - Safeshield 275x260x64mm
Part No. 5510.903   - Safeshield 178x127x38mm
Part No. 5510.904   - Safeshield 250x191x38mm
Part No. 5510.905   - Safeshield 250x191x64mm
Part No. 5510.906   - Safeshield 267x216x64mm
Part No. 5510.910   - Safeshield 420x220x40mm


We are able to produce any box ine other sizes and designs on request - give us a call!