Dissipative bags

Dissipative bags

Dissipative bags "Open Top"

Low-charging dissipative bag

  • Made from low-charging polyethylene.
  • Weldable
  • With printed warning symbol, batch no., recycling symbol and month and year of manufacture.
    Part No. 3110.359 - Dissipative bag, 80x120x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.360 - Dissipative bag, 100x150x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.361 - Dissipative bag, 130x200x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.362 - Dissipative bag, 150x225x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.363 - Dissipative bag, 200x300x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.364 - Dissipative bag, 250x300x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.365 - Dissipative bag, 300x450x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.366 - Dissipative bag, 400x500x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3110.367 - Dissipative bag, 500x600x0,06mm, 100pc/pack

    Dissipative zipper bags "Loc top"

    If the bags are to be used for ESD sensitive products they must only be used within EPAs. With printed warning symbol, batch no., recycling symbol and month and year of manufacture

    • Made from low-charging polyethylene.
    • Printed with warning symbol, batch no, recycling symbol and month of manufacture - years
    Part No. 3120.3301P - Dissipative bag with zipper, 80x120x0,06 mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3120.3311P - Dissipative bag with zipper, 100x150x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3120.3321P - Dissipative bag with zipper, 150x225x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3120.3331P - Dissipative bag with zipper, 200x250x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3120.3341P - Dissipative bag with zipper, 250x300x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3120.3351P - Dissipative bag with zipper, 300x400x0,06mm, 100pc/pack
    Part No. 3120.3371   - Dissipative bag with zipper, 250x350x0,06mm, 100pc/pack