Dissipativ tubing and stretch film

Dissipativ tubing and stretch film

Dissipative tubing

Low-charging dissipative reclosable bag. Made from low-charging polyethylene. If the bags are to be used for ESD sensitive products they must only be used within EPAs.

  • Thickness 0.10 mm
  • Weldable
  • With printed warning symbol and month and year of manufacture


    Part No. 3130.340 - 100mmx250m

    Part No. 3130.341 - 130mmx250m

    Part No. 3130.342 - 150mmx250m

    Part No. 3130.343 - 200mmx250m

    Part No. 3130.344 - 250mmx250m

    Part No. 3130.345 - 300mmx250m

    Part No. 3130.346 - 400mmx250m

    Part No. 3130.347 - 500mmx250m

    Dissipative Stretch Film

    Low-charging dissipative stretch film. Made from low-charging dissipative recyclable polyolefin. Thickness: 0,025 mm. 4pcs/box.


    Part No. 3170.0300 - 500mm x 300m "Manual handling"

    Part No. 3170.1560 - 500mm x 1560m "Stretch machine"