Labels, tape and signs

Dissipative tape, signs and labels

Dissipative transparent tape

Clear dissipative tape made ​​of natural materials.


Part No. 901.1533 - 15mm x 33m, 10 rolls

Part No. 901.1933 - 19mm x 33m, 8 rolls

Part No. 901.1966 - 19mm x 66m, 8 rolls

Part No. 901.2566 - 25mm x 66m, 6 rolls

Part No. 901.5066 - 50mm x 66m, 1 roll

Shielding tape

Shielding tape with ESD-symbol.


Part No. 2820.3462.12 - Grid tape, 12mm x 36m

Part No. 2820.3462.18 - Grid Tape, 18mm x 36m

Part No. 2820.3462.24 - Grid Tape, 24mm x 36m

Part No. 2820.3462.48 - Grid Tape, 48mm x 36m

Dissipative packing tape

Green packing tape marked with ESD symbol.


Part No. RM.5066 - 50mm x 66m

Dissipative papertape

Printed with ESD symbol and warning text.


Part No. 2800.2212 - 38mmx66m

Part No. 2800.7212 - 50mmx66m

Floor marking tape

Floor tape yellow/black, 50mmx33m.


Part No. MPP 12606/2


18x70mm, 10 pcs
Part No. 2850.1870

Attention label

4000pcs/roll, 6mm round.


Part No. 2850.6

"Gemensam jordpunkt"

Circular label. 32pcs/sheet


Part No. 2850.3636

Attention label

30x25mm, 50pcs/sheet.


Part No. 2850.3025

Attention sign

45x23mm, 1000 pcs/roll.


Part No. 2850.2550

Attention label

1000pcs/roll, 36x75mm.


Part No. 2850.3675

Attention label

With a writing area for marking/sealing of bags.

45x65mm, 500pcs.


Part No. 2850.4565

White/blue label

For marking components which is sensitive to humidity.

85x125mm, 500pcs/roll

Part No. 2850.100.100

Floor marking decal

Extremely durable and resist charge/wear from chairs, trolleys and even from frequent truck traffic.

Size: 120x60mm

We recommend circa 3 decals per meter


Part No. 2850.EPA

Attention sign

Self adhefsive, yellow



Part No. 2850.200300GUL

Attention sign

Self adhefsive



Part No. 2850.200300RÖD

Attention sign, Hard

Hard plastic 300x400mm


Part No. 2850.300400GUL

Tape holder

Handheld tape dispenser made in metal
Suitable for large socket


Part No. C-194 12404 - Handheld

Tape holder

Tape holder manufactured in metal and sprayed with conductive paint.

Part No. C-194 12407 - 
Table stand

Tape holder

Manufactured in Metal with a conductive plastic cover.
Suitable for small socket


Part No. C-194 12402 - Table stand

Tape holder

Tape Dispenser for the office or workbench.

Manufactured in Metal with a conductive plastic cover.

Suitable for large socket.

Part No. C-194 12410 - 
Table Stand