Mini Probe Ø4 mm

For the point to point measurement on small packaging and inside cavities such as vacuum formed trays and other products with short distances, such as conveyor belts, etc.

The probe comes in a conductive case.

  • Conductive rubber electrodes (R < 20 ohm)
  • Spring loaded mechanism for good contact
  • Quick removable head
  • Incl. calibration certificate
  • Complies with ANSI/ESD STM 11.13-2004

Part No. 7220.840.SET


Measuring electrodes

After control measurements of floors, benches, carts, chairs, etc. This type of electrode should used in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1. Fitted with conductive silicone rubber electrode (R < 20 ohm). For Resistance to ground and point to point resistance measurement.

The measuring electrode can be used together with such as SRM100 and SRM200.

  • 63,5 mm Ø
  • 2,27 kg
  • Total probe resistance R < 150 ohm
  • IEC 61340-4-1
  • IEC 61340-2-3

Part No. 7220.850

Ring probe for measuring the surface resistance

Measures surface and volume resistance. The probe is delivered in a conductive case with a stainless steel plate, insulative plate, conductive carrying case and calibration certificate.

Used together with probe 850.

  • External use of a 2,5 kg weight or 850 electrode required
  • Concentric ring with conductive rubber (R < 5 ohm) with silver particles
  • Ring probe Model 880 complies with IEC 61340-2-3

Part No. 7220.880.SET