Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments

SRM 100 

A very easy to use instrument for checking surface resistance and resistance to ground. Ideal for daily inspection of work surfaces, floors, chairs, carts and packaging materials. The measured value is displayed with LED scale on the instrument from 103 - 1012Ω. Has a build in 12 LED display.

SRM 100 may advantageously be complemented and used together with a measuring electrode 7220,850 and thus the measurements performed according IEC61340-5-1.

Part No. SRM 100

SRM 200 

SRM200 is a very useful instrument for checking surface resistance and resistance to ground. The instrument can be used on different work surfaces, floors, chairs, carts, clothing and packaging materials, etc. The measured value is displayed with LED display that indicates whether the value is conductive, dissipative or insulating. 
The measurements can be performed either with the built-in measurement electrodes (fitted with conductive rubber for good kontaktering- and conductivity) on the underside of the instrument or preferably together with a measuring electrode 7220,850. Performed measurements with external measuring electrode met the requirements of IEC61340-5-1.
SRM 2000 also has integrated temperature and humidity sensor, the measured values ​​are displayed.
All readings can be stored in the instrument and can by using the included software easily transferred to PC via USB cable.

  • Pocket size surface resistance meter with LCD display
  • Includes carrying bag, grounding cord , calibration certificate and software for reading the saved test data
  • Test range: 10^3 - 10^12 ohm
  • Test voltage: 10 V / 100 V (switches automatically above 1 MOhm)
  • Operation: Battery operated
  • Display: LCD-Display
  • 2 external probes connection possible

Part No. 7100.SRM200

Metriso 3000 Test kit

Complete test kit for resistance measurement of almost all the various parts of your ESD protection. METRISO 3000 test kit comes complete with two probes (2.25 kg / 63.5 mmØ) and has an integrated temperature and humidity gauge. Measuring voltage can be set between 10 - 500V and also be varied if desired.

All measured values ​​can be stored in the instrument and, with the help of the included software transferred to PC via USB cable. With the software program readings can be handled, stored and measurement protocols can be printed.

METRISO 3000 can be supplemented with various probes; miniprobe (7220.840.SET) for control of e.g trays and conveyer lines, ringprobe (7220.880.SET) and handprobe for control of resistance to floors and shoes.

The test instrument can also be rented, contact us at

Part No. 7100.3000.MK               Product Video Metriso 3000

EFM 51 Digital electrostatic field meter

Handheld, portable, digital electrostatic field meter used for location and measurement of electrostatic fields and charges eg in the control of packaging materials. The electrostatic field strength value (V/m) will be automatically translated to the electrostatic potential (V) according to the preset distance. An additional field strength mode is also available

  • Test method: Rotating chopper
  • Test range: 0 V - ± 160 kV distance mode 0 - 800 kV/m Field strength mode
  • Display: LCD display
  • Operation: Battery operated
  • Includes: Carrying case, ground cord, German and English user's manual and calibration certificate

Part No. EFM51               Product Video EFM 51

EFM 51 may be supplemented by a "Charge Plate Set" and can also be used to check and verify ionization.

Part No. EFM51.CPS               Product Video EFM 51 CPS

ESD Starter Kit

A complete and very useful tool kit for testing and measuring different products and materials within an EPA such as bags, clothes, flooring, chairs, tabletops, box etc.

The kit consists of one EFM51 and one SRM200 and is supplied in a conductive case. ESD Starter Kit is the perfect kit for persons working as the ESD-coordinator and other people working with ESD-protection.

Part No. 7100.1000.S

Walking Test WT5000

The function of the floor & shoe combination is a very important factor of the primary ESD-protection. The instrument measures the body voltage when walking on the flooring, the result is shown with LED on the instrument and/or on a PC with the included software. The requirement to verify your combination between your ESD-floor and ESD-shoes are becoming increasingly important and the measurement is given in IEC61340-5-1. The instrument is easy to use and the results are shown "live" during the measurement.

Part No. 7100.WT5000

Electrostatic voltmeter

With an electrostatic voltmeter, you can measure the electrostatic charges on very small objects such as components on a circuit board or contact pins. The volt meter comes with associated software so that test results can be saved and reviewed on PC.
The instrument is supplied with probe, transformer and software.

  • Measuring range: 0 ± 1 kV DC or AC 
  • Accuracy: 1% (of full range) 
  • Display: 4 x 20 digit LCD display 
  • Sensor: Side-view probe (10 x 54mm)

Part No. 7100.ESVM1000