ESD Event Detectors

ESD Event detectors


EM EYE showing if you have any ghosts in your manufacturing. With EM EYE you can identify, locate, and also measure the size of the harmful electrostatic discharges!

The instrument is very easy to use, hand-held and can be used for measurements in both example a workplace and within a machine where there is usually very little space. All measured data can be stored internally on an SD memory and easily transferred to a PC for storage, documentation and traceability.

The usage of EM Eye is very broad:

  • ESD audit and diagnosis of the actual ESD environment. 
  • Save and ensure traceability of ESD measurements. 
  • Follow the flow of a vulnerable component, monitor critical stages in the manufacturing process.

    EM Eye can be set to detect HBM (Human Body Model), MM (Machine Model), CDM (Charge Device Model).

    Part No. 161.400

    EM Aware

    EM Aware is a powerful and useful system for analyzing the actual ESD environment in real time during production in such SMT line.

    The system consists of 2 to 6 monitors with its antenna was placed as close to the measurement object / process as possible. The monitors connected to the PC via a datainsamlingsbox and using the software, you can watch and record any static fields and discharges that occur during manufacturing and handling. Using the measured data can be static fields and discharges are located and the causes are identified and analyzed. EM Aware can also check the discharge times and the balance of any ionizing equipment used in the measurement range.

    Product sheet

    Part No. 161.250 - EM Aware starter kit 4 monitors

    Part No. 161.300 - EM Aware starter kit 6 monitors