Charge Plate Monitors

Charge Plate Monitors

EFM 51 CPS Charge Plate Set

Handheld, portable, digital electrostatic field meter used for locating and measuring electrostatic fields and charges eg in the control of packaging materials. The electrostatic field strength value (V/m) will be automatically translated to the electrostatic potential (V) according to the preset distance.

EFM 51 may be supplemented by a "Charge Plate Set" and can also be used to check and verify ionization. As the metal plate is relatively small (75x150mm), it is easy to perform measurements in narrow spaces such as inside machines. EFM51 Charge Plate Set can measure discharge ± 1000V to ± 100V and offset the charge.

  • An additional field strength mode is also available
  • Test method: Rotating chopper
  • Test range: 0 V - ± 160 kV distance mode 0 - 800 kV/m Field strength mode
  • Display: LCD display
  • Operation: Battery operated
  • Includes: Charging plate, high voltage generator, battery charger, earthing cable, carrying case, ground cord, German and English user's manual and calibration certificate.

Part No. EFM51CPS                Charge Plate Set inkl EFM51
Part No. EFM51CPS.SET        Charge Plate Set exkl EFM51

Charged Plate Monitor

The instrument measures the effectiveness and the offset voltage of ionizing equipment. With a simple operation (only 2 buttons to operate) measures the decay from +/- 1000 Volt to 100 Volt +/-. It is compact, portable and powered with either 220 V or an internal battery and can be connected to a PC for remote control and data logging. Comes with: Power cord, Grounding Cord, Distance Poles for hoisontell assembly, conductive carrying case, insulating instrument loads and CPM software.

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Part No. 7100.CPM374