Cleaning products

Cleaning Products

ESD Super Clean

Super Clean is a highly effective cleaning agent that can be used on any surface that resists water. It is designed to be used within EPA and cleans without leaving an insulating film. Takes very effectively removes oil, grease, flux residues, dirt and other contaminants.

Super Clean sprayed on the surface to be cleaned, wait a few seconds and wipe with a clean cloth. In very rough dirty surfaces, let it work longer and work harder surface with cloth alternatively sponges.

Material Safety Data Sheet - MSDS

Part No. 81117 - 
Superclean, 500ml, incl. Spray and sponge

Part No. 81118 - Superclean, 5liters/can


Is suited for treatment and maintenance of both insulating and conductive floors. The electric properties of the polish makes it both dissipative electrostatic charge and at the same time prevent the origin of static electricity. Triboelectric charges are reduced to 100 Volt or less. EDS-polish provides a shining, wear-resistant and anti-slip surface treatment protecting the floor, and at the same time significantly the floor maintenance, particularly for conductive floors.

Material Safety Data Sheed - MSDS

Part No. 50100 

ESD-Cleaner Floor

Is used for maintenance and wet cleaning of floors. It is advised against using other types of detergent as these might damage the electric properties of the floor.

Material Safety Data Sheet - MSDS
Part No. 50101 
- 5liters/can


Is a wax removal detergent. It effectively dissolves all floor polish and wax without heavy swabbing.

Material Safety Data Sheet - MSDS

Part No. 50105
 - 5liters/can


STATICIDE is an excellent antistatic fluid that is simple to use and ensures very efficient static control, even over a long period of time. The product is well suited for use in a number of industrial processes, as well as in other fields and environments.

STATICIDE is excellent for use in areas where static electricity is a problem or risk for people, equipment, components or processes. It removes static electricity causing dust and other air particles sticking to people, equipment, fixtures, walls, ceilings and floors.

STATICIDE is used for treatment of walls, ceilings, mats, work surfaces, fixtures, tools and equipment, conveyor belts, clothes, textiles and other materials.

- Indispensable in every ESD control program.

- Documented efficiency at relative humidity below 15%.

- Long-lasting, easy to use, not flammable.

- Does not stain, completely biologically decomposable.

- Delivered diluted, ready to use.

- Meets American military and medical demands on electrostatic discharge.

- Documented efficiency for elimination of service problems with ESD equipment.

Used in leading industries in the USA and Japan.

Material Safety Data Sheet - MSDS

Part No. 81092 - Staticide 1l with spray, ready to use

Part No. 81095 - Staticide 5l

Service vacuum cleaner

Service vacuum cleaner - 500W, - is a small, lightweight and compact service vacuum cleaner. The mouth piece is made of soft conductive rubber and is grounded via the cord, the chassis and the net cable. The chassis is cast in wear resistant conductive polypropylene and even the reinforced hose is specially designed to dissipate static charges.

Part No. 36402020 - 
Vacuum Cleaner 500W
Part No. 36409723 - Bags, 10 pcs/pack
Part No. 36409724 - Filtere
Part No. 36409726 - Hepa enginefiltere
Part No. 36409820 - Long Cond. rubber nozzle, PHU-20
Part No. 36409826 - Long Cond. plastic nozzle, PHU-16
Part No. PHU-08     - Long Cond. rubber nozzle with brush, soft tip
Part No. PHU-11     - D-shaped nozzle, soft brush
Part No. PHU-12     - D-shaped nozzle, medium brush
Part No. 36409830 - Stretch hose, L= 85 - 350 cm

Vacuum cleaner EPA

800 Watt ESD vacuum cleaner in conductive polypropylene. The motor is earthed through the mains supply cable (10m) and the chassis through the conductive castors. The vacuum cleaner is delivered with a floor nozzle and 2 other nozzles in conductive polypropylene, conductive hose (2,5m) and a printed ESD symbol. Weight 5,8 kg.
Part No. 36400009 - Vacuum cleaner EPA Vac
Part No. 36402039 - Bags 5pcs/pack


Conductive brush for cleaning table mats. The brush has 35mm long bristles with three rows of bristles and conductive shaft. 

With our conductive brushes, you can thoroughly clean the most ESD sensitive components without endangering the high charges as ordinary brushes can generate. The handles are made of dissipative plastic and the brush is composed of conductive fibers. The conductive fibers are blended with natural bristles, to obtain the desired stiffness. Brush head length 160 mm.


Part No. TEX-50

Dustpan short handle

Conductive dustpan suitable for the work table.


Part No. TEX-KKS

Broom set

A set consisting of: broom with short handel, 850 mm and 250x35mm brush, brush three rows and a dustpan of conductive plastic aluminum handle 900mm.


Art. nr. TEX-SET

Long broom

Long broom with conductive brush plate and treated shaft, 35 mm brush length.
Available in sizes 400mm and 500mm in width.


Part No. TEX-LB         - 400mm
Part No. TEX-LB 500 - 

Mop rack with microfibre cloth, without cable

Floor mop stand in ESD-performance with shaft and bottom plate in aluminum. Two different floor cloth alternative, TEX-DV for wet floors and TEX-DT for dry floors. Width 600 mm.

Part No. TEX-MOPP - 
Mop stand with microfiber cloth
Part No. TEX-DT - 
Mop 60 cm dry floor
Part No. TEX-DV - 
Mop 60 cm wet floor

Dissipative waste paper baskets bags

Dissipative waste paper baskets bags in polyethylene, recyclable.


Part No. EH 02003 - 20 l, 100pcs/rl, 10 rolls/box
Part No. EH 02006 - 
36 l, 100pcs/rl, 5 rolls/box 
Part No. EH 02008 - 
70 l, 25pcs/rl, 5 rolls/box
Part No. EH 02007 - 125 l, 10pcs/rl, 15 rolls/box

Wastepaper bin 14 liter

14 liter bin in conductive polypropylene. Marked with ESD symbol. Appropriate bags for this bin: EH02003.


Part No. 20010514109

Wastepaper bin 35 liter, black

35 liter bin in conductive polypropylene. Marked with ESD symbol. Appropriate bags for this bin: EH02006.


Part No. 20010540109

Wastepaper bin for wall mounting

For wall mounting. Made from conductive polypropylene. The baskets has a flat back with two centre-drilled holes and holds 7 litres.


Part No. 20010514109H

Wastepaper bin, 60L

The bin is made of polypropylene which makes it durable and able to live up to the high standards set by the industry.

The material is not affected by heat, cold or contamination.

The bin can be used in EPA environments. Appropriate bags for this bin: EH02008.


Part No. E1-60

Wastepaper bin, 90L

The wastebin is manufactured in conductive polypropylene.

Can be fitted with lid and wheels.


Part No. 20010512590       - 
Wastepaper bin
Part No. 20010512590SET - 
With lid and wheels

Conductive wastebin 240L

The 240 liters wastebin is manufactured in conductive polypropylene and equipped with a lid and conductive rubber wheels for easy transportation.

The handle can easily be moved for better ergonomics.


Part No. 200105125240

Conductive dustbin 600L

Holds a volume of 600 litres, runs on wheel for manual transportation. The bin is injection-moulded in conductive polypropylene. The colour is black and the bin is marked with an ESD symbol.

Part No. 200105125600-1 - 
no lid
Part No. 200105125600-2 - 
with lid

Bin bag cart inkl wheels 125L

In chrome-layered tube and wire constructions. Provided with 2 conductive wheels, diamseter 125 mm.

Appropriate bags for this cart: EH 02007

Part No. 200105125109

Extra nozzles for vacuum cleaner

Round nozzle in aluminum or POMC (dissipative plastic). Conductive brush 30/70 circumference 45 mm, 15 mm bristle length.
Part No. VAC-DC - Round nozzle. W=45mm, brush lenght 15mm
Part No. VAC-DE - Radiator nozzle. W=85mm, brush lenght 15mm
Part No. VAC-DR - Rectangle nozzle. L=140mm, W=50mm, brush lenght 15mm
Part No. VAC-DT - Triangular nozzle. L=90mm, W=45mm, brush lenght 15mm

Contamination matt - 46x115 cm white, 4x30 sheets

Using one or more tacky mats prevents the spreading of, dirt from shoe soles, trolley wheels, pallet trucks etc, on the premises.
The mats has a self-adhering backing that is placed directly on the floor, which means that no frames are necessary.

  • 30 sheets/mat, 4 mats/package, in total 120 sheets pr. package.
  • Numbered edges for easy removal.
  • Adhesiva contains antibacterial additive.

Part No. 8160.1845

Whipes, 50 pcs

Dissipative ESD-Wipes which efficentmakes it clean. Guaranteed ESD safe refurdlessto air humidity. Idealistic for electronics industry and cleaning of optics applications.

Part No. MW202050W