The SP700 series SMT stencil printers have been designed to be perfectly at home in low, medium or high volume SMT production operations. Essentially they provide the flexible solution ideal for high-mix, quick product set-up and changeover environments.

Fundamental to the SP700 series success is the Dual Roving camera (DRc) system. Developed uniquely by Speedprint, this vision platform moves printer technology forward, employing twin camera units in a ‘look down – look down’ configuration.

DRc provides greater performance and capability to manage today’s challenging applications, ensuring that process window is maintained as wide as possible for the life of the machine. In addition, the introduction of tools such as SmartCal give real time calibration and genuine control of your process by removing the need for expensive and time-consuming specialist support.

Some of the standard features in the SP700 series include :

  • automatic rail width adjust
  • fully automatic stencil load & eject
  • fully programmable wet/dry vacuum Under Stencil Cleaner
  • on-stencil solder bead inspection

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