Pick & Place

SMD montering

MY300 Pick & Place

Get more jobs done in less space. Switch effortlessly from full volume to batch size one. And handle a wider range of components with uncompromising production quality, total stock accuracy and complete traceability down to the individual PCB ID. The MY300 delivers new levels of precision and flexibility in a faster, smaller and smarter format.

  • More feeder count in the same line length
  • Faster board transfer and tool changes
  • More compact footprint
  • Future-proof component range
  • Operator-friendly design

For more information please contact us or visit: www.mycronic.com


The old days of predictable orders and uniform batch sizes are over. To succeed today, you need to manage last-minute customer demands and disruptive peaks in production. With the MY200 series pick-and-place machines, you don’t have to choose between speed and flexibility. With the fastest changeovers in the industry and workcell solutions reaching speeds of up to 180,000 components per hour, you can have both.

For more information please contact us or visit: www.mycronic.com