My700 Jetprinter

The MY700 high-speed jet dispensing platform for solder paste and a wide range of assembly fluids, incorporates three highly productive machine models, each one with its own set of unique capabilities.

  • Dual heads for productivity
  • Dual lanes for smart board handling and buffering
  • High-speed high-accuracy dispensing
  • Solder paste and a wide range assembly fluids
  • Board revisions on-the-fly and changeovers in no time

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My600 Jetprinter

Using a revolutionary new technology for solder paste application, the MY600 shoots solder paste on the fly without touching the PCB. Because it needs no stencils, it offers many advantages over the standard screen printer – like more PCB design freedom and virtually no changeover or lead times. Solder paste deposits can be adjusted on-the-spot in three dimensions.

      My600 Key benefits

  • 1 milj. dots/h
  • Prepare a new job in minutes
  • Optimizes paste volumes for each solder joint                                
  • Quick last minute revisisons
  • No cleaning and no manual adjustments
  • POP and 3D capabilitet

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