Magazines - PCB Racks

PCB racks from CAB meets high standards for stability, flexibility and precision, making it possible to use them in your production lines. The movable side wall runs for 4pcs of precision threaded screws which minimizes the risk of a crooked side wall and that the cards fall out or fall down.

The rack is available in two equal series / models:

  • Series 600: The adjustment is made by sliding the side wall to the desired distance. The wall lockes in position with the help of 4 screws.
  • Series 700: The adjustment of the side wall is done by a belt - quickly, easily and accurately. When the wall is adjusted the strap attached is locked with a screw.
  • The rack is reversible, which facilitates the handling of double-sided PCBs. 
  • The rack is stackable. 
  • The grooves on the side walls are numbered, which facilitates feeding and correct positioning of the PCB.
  • The rack can be fitted with a transport lock that prevents PCB to slide out the rack during transport.

The rack is available in three different materials:

  • Polystyrene - PCB temperature up to 60 degrees
  • Polycarbonate - PCB temperature up to 130 degrees
  • Metal - PCB temperature up to 200 degrees