Data collection

Data collection

The requirements imposed on the efficiency and quality of electronic components and assemblies increase constantly. By changeover to lead free process at the same time the process window is getting smaller. Many different products have to be soldered successfully by controlled processing and high quality.

It is getting more and more important to collect and control process and product data to

  • guarantee a constant quality control
  • prevent from risks of product failure and claim for damages.

The brand new data collection is the compact solution for modern demands on documentation in the vapour phase soldering process. The intelligent conception also allows future documentation and verification possibilities.

At the same time the data collection can provide data for superordinated data collection/traceability systems. The data collection includes software which can be installed on a standard PC and connected to the vapour phase soldering system via ethernet.


  • Collection, processing and documentation of data
  • Storage of data
  • Full quality control during production ofelectronic components
  • Detailed quality certificate for customerand quality management systems(for example: EFQM or DIN EN ISO9001 : 2000)

Function features

  • Online-data collection Optionally cycle-oriented or userdefined
    • Collection of data from the soldering process
    • Collection of data from the production
    • Collection of data from the soldering system
  • Storage of data via database application structure
  • Visualisation of data via tabular windows, graphics and diagrams
  • Archival storage of data
  • Historical data management and evaluation possible
  • Data transfer via cvs format (comma sperated values)
  • Printing via report functions


  • For installation of the software via standard PC
  • Supported system softwarr Windows2000, WindowsXP and Windows Vista
  • Data base by MS SQL-Server 2005 Express
  • Communication protocol PVI manager (Process Visual Interface)
  • Local ethernet connection to vapour-phase soldering system

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