One more SMT Reflow to Norbit Røros

In the beginning of 2020 we installed a QPL N2 with disconnected dual lanes at Norbit Røros. This  is Norbits 3rd SMT reflow oven although it is the first oven installation with dual lane, which ensures double capacity to meet an upcoming increase in demand.

“We have good experience during the last number of year with reflow ovens from SMT so it was a natural choice for us to continue with SMT for our third production line. Even though we are currently working on an extension of our factory, efficient use of floorspace will still be important and therefore we selected a dual-lane oven which offers us excellent capacity per square meter. The option “disconnected dual lane” with three individual adjustable rails gives us also high flexibility” says Matin Lillebjerka, technical manager at Norbit Røros.

The picture is taken during the installation and training, the new oven is supplied with the new software “Thermal Tools 7”.