The GoSelective-LS is particularly designed for stand-alone production of small and medium sized volumes and it scores highly with its very compact design. To ensure an ergonomical work flow and shortest cycle times, the GoSelective-LS is equipped with a loading and unloading station for carriers up to 500 x 500 mm which is mounted in front of the machine. This station incorporates a manually moved cross transfer which allows to comfortably slide the carriers from left to right and vice versa. Therefore, it is possible to assemble boards in one carrier while a second carrier is being processed in the machine.

The machine features a precise axis system that reliably positions the drop jet fluxer, preheat unit and soldering unit during the process.
Depending on your requirements, the electro-magnetic soldering unit may be used for flexible miniwave soldering processes, or can be equipped with a multi-nozzle tool for dip soldering with short cycle times.

Of course, our demand for a 100 % process control applies also for the GoSelective-LS, with fiducial recognition for automated position correction, flux monitoring, wave height control, process visualization, mcServer and many features more.

  • flexible miniwave soldering or dip soldering with multi-nozzle tools
  • electro-magnetic soldering unit
  • automatic ultrasonic cleaning unit for miniwave solder nozzles
  • precise axis system for reliable positioning of the work stations
  • ergonomically designed work place for loading, unloading and assembly of boards
  • completely automated processes
  • 100 % process control
  • fiducial recognition
  • automatic wave height monitoring and solder level control
  • fluxer function control
  • mcServer
  • for boards in carriers up to 500 x 500 mm [19.68" x 19.68"]

  • Brochure GoSelective-LS.pdf 754 KB

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